Deer Park Football Program Mission

The Football Program at Deer Park is a “life skills” program designed to support the total development of Deer Park Football Athletes. The mission of this program is to provide an unmatched, comprehensive life skills program for student-athletes that encourages their growth in decision making, enhances their interpersonal relationship skills, and enables them to make meaningful contributions to their community. The program consists of five major components:

1. The Academic Commitment
The primary goal is to educate student-athletes so they not only graduate, but also develop an appreciation for learning in addition to the knowledge and skills that will carry them through life.
2. The Athletic Commitment
The goal in athletics is to provide all student athletes with quality facilities, equipment, coaching, and support services so each student can achieve his maximum potential, both academically and athletically. Sensitivity to the dignity of the student-athlete is vital to the success of the department.
3.The Career Develoment Commitment
The goal of this component is to explore and develop higher education options and /or prepare the student-athletes for long term careers. The goal is to help our student-athletes choose the college or university that best fits their needs and abilities.
4. The Personal Development Commitment
The program focuses on the individual as a whole person, and provides a system of balanced “life learning” that addresses the needs of the individual before and after graduation. The areas that this commitment addresses include: social development, personal health, fundamental values, emotional health, leadership training, and citizenship.
5. The Service Commitment
The program supports the philosophy that student-athletes gain “leadership through service.” They make a positive contribution in an extensive community outreach program, as well as, develop a commitment to life-long service.

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